Understanding how meaning is communicated enables a consultant to support translation teams in improving clarity and identifying potential miscommunication.

Here are some resource suggestions to help your mentees grow in their understanding of communication:

1. Relevance Theory on MAP

To find out more about models of communication and the implications for Bible translation, visit Stephen Pattemore’s ‘Relevance Theory Channel’ on MAP and view the three videos from his ‘Gentle Introduction to Relevance Theory’ and the ‘Quick Guide to Relevance Theory’. Then explore other material in MAP connected to Relevance Theory.

Tip: After watching the videos and reading some of the documents, try to explain the Relevance Theory model of communication in your own words, and why it is important for translation.

Further resources that might interest you

  • David Webber’s 2005 article ‘A Tale of Two Translation Theories’, which compares Relevance Theory with the ‘Code Model’ of communication.
  • Do you know of a good resource that should be listed here? Please let us know.