Tools to support CBC

The tools and templates below can be use to support your use of CBC and Competency Manager for translation consultant growth plans.

  • (Baseline) assessment template. This is a google sheet that you can copy for each CiT and then use to perform a current assessment of the CBC competencies.
    • There are two worksheets, for the general competencies and translation-specific competencies.
    • For each competency and sub-component there is space to record relevant experience, evidence of that experience in the form of documentation or people who have observed the competence, and any further notes.
    • Once the assessment is complete, a copy of the sheet can be downloaded and uploaded to the secure folders section of Competency Manager.
  • Blank mentoring report aligned with CBC. This is a report that a mentor can use to reflect on a CiT’s level of competence in each of the CBC competencies as they observe them during a consulting session.
    • Please download or make a copy of the blank report for your own use.
    • Check back here for the most up to date version of the template if an when the competencies are updated.
  • Check-list for TCiTs (SIL EAA). A possible checklist to use for tracking the breadth of consultant experience a CiT acquires, eg. checking different genres, types of translation and virtual or face to face checks, which is not easily tracked in Competency Manager. This can be uploaded to the Consultant-in-Training’s secure folder on Competency Manager to aid a certification panel in their deliberations.