Guiding Translation Teams

The consultant is expected to be a resource to translation teams and therefore must be familiar with all stages of the translation process.

Here are some resource suggestions to help your mentees grow in their skills related to guiding translation teams:

1. Training for Translators videos (by Stephen Payne)

These videos by Seed Company senior consultant Stephen Payne designed to provide essential training for new translators (originally from the context of a Luke partnership project, but are all generally applicable). The 18 hours of video cover translation procedures such as exegesis, drafting, team check, community checks, back translation, consultant check and publishing. There is also instruction on translation principles including key terms, unknown ideas, and figures of speech. The videos and Powerpoints can be adapted into local languages. They are useful for: a) training new teams of translators either individually or in a workshop setting, b) for new Consultants-in-Training without a background in translation, c) for consultants to review specific areas with teams needing more training. The videos are available for free.

Tip: Familiarise yourself with the material available in these videos so that you can use them as necessary when supporting translation teams.

Further resources that might interest you

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