Translation Practice

A consultant’s personal experience of solving translation problems assists them in serving as a resource to teams to help them address the challenges they face as they translate.

Here are some resource suggestions to help your mentees grow in their skills related to translation practice:

1. BT List

Join the BT list, and engage with other translators and consultants about translation problems. The BT list is an online, private, interagency Google group hosted by SIL, which most people interact with via email messages. Open to all BT practitioners, and devoted to discussing issues relating to Bible translation. Request membership by sending an email to For more information, see the BT List FAQ at

Tip: Post a question about a translation issue you are wrestling with, read the replies and discuss with your mentor how others have handled similar issues.

2. Translation Insights and Perspectives (TIPS)

Explore the Translation Insights and Perspectives (TIPS) site to find how different translations around the world have translated different verses or particular key terms.

Tip: As a mentor, ask your mentee to research the translation issues around 5 or 6 key terms that will be relevant for the projects and contexts where they are working.

Further resources that might interest you

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