Translation Resources

A consultant needs to be able to help translation teams make the most of print and digital resources and communities of practice that are available to support translation drafting and checking.

Here are some resource suggestions to help your mentees grow in their skills related to translation resources:

1. Paratext

Paratext is the most trusted software used by leading Bible translation and ministry organisations around the world. Register at It is geared towards written translation, and provides tools for study, drafting, checking, revising and publishing Scripture, including different Bible versions, translation handbooks, source language tools, key term checking tools and much more. There are extensive training and support videos on the website to help you get started.


2. Translator’s Workplace on Logos

Translator’s Workplace is a package of commentaries and other translation-related materials made available to translators through Logos software. Sign up through SIL International Publications.


3. Book series and journals

The following book series and journals are particularly helpful as translation resources:

  • The Bible Translator. The leading academic journal dedicated to the theory and practice of Bible translation. It has been published continuously since 1950, and exists firstly to serve those directly involved in Bible translation. Issues over 10 years old are available in Translator’s Workplace.
  • SIL Journal of Translation. An open access, peer-reviewed academic journal of translation theory and practice with a special interest in sacred text translation and local languages and cultures.
Book series
  • UBS Translation Handbooks (Available in hard copy, or included with several digital products, including Paratext and Translator’s Workplace)
  • SIL Translator’s Notes (available in Paratext and Translator’s Workplace)
  • SIL Exegetical Summaries of different Bible books (mostly New Testament, available in hard copy or included in Translator’s Workplace)
  • SIL Semantic Structural Analyses of different New Testament books (available in hard copy, included in Translator’s Workplace)


Further resources that might interest you

  • Do you know of a good resource that should be listed here? Please let us know.